Peotone Weather
Normal High and Low Temperatures for Peotone by Date.

The values on this page are NOT averages. The values on my main page and the page titled Peotone's Daily Averages are the actual average from temps recorded here in Peotone since 2007. The data on this page is intended to give you a reasonable idea of the normal (or aproximate) temperature range that can be expected.

January Ave High Ave Low
1st 30°F 16°F
2nd 30°F 16°F
3rd 30°F 16°F
4th 29°F 16°F
5th 29°F 15°F
6th 29°F 15°F
7th 29°F 15°F
8th 29°F 15°F
9th 29°F 15°F
10th 29°F 15°F
11th 29°F 15°F
12th 29°F 14°F
13th 29°F 14°F
14th 29°F 14°F
15th 28°F 14°F
16th 28°F 14°F
17th 29°F 14°F
18th 29°F 14°F
19th 29°F 14°F
20th 29°F 14°F
21st 29°F 14°F
22nd 29°F 14°F
23rd 29°F 15°F
24th 29°F 15°F
25th 29°F 15°F
26th 29°F 15°F
27th 30°F 15°F
28th 30°F 15°F
29th 30°F 15°F
30th 30°F 16°F
31st 30°F 16°F
February Ave High Ave Low
1st 31°F 16°F
2nd 31°F 16°F
3rd 31°F 16°F
4th 32°F 17°F
5th 32°F 17°F
6th 32°F 17°F
7th 32°F 17°F
8th 33°F 18°F
9th 33°F 18°F
10th 33°F 18°F
11th 33°F 19°F
12th 34°F 19°F
13th 34°F 19°F
14th 34°F 19°F
15th 35°F 20°F
16th 35°F 20°F
17th 35°F 20°F
18th 36°F 21°F
19th 36°F 21°F
20th 36°F 21°F
21st 37°F 31°F
22nd 37°F 22°F
23rd 37°F 22°F
24th 37°F 22°F
25th 38°F 23°F
26th 39°F 23°F
27th 39°F 24°F
28th 39°F 24°F
29th 39°F 24°F
30th NA NA
31st NA NA
March Ave High Ave Low
1st 40°F 24°F
2nd 40°F 25°F
3rd 41°F 25°F
4th 41°F 26°F
5th 41°F 26°F
6th 42°F 26°F
7th 42°F 27°F
8th 42°F 27°F
9th 43°F 27°F
10th 43°F 28°F
11th 44°F 28°F
12th 44°F 28°F
13th 44°F 29°F
14th 45°F 29°F
15th 45°F 30°F
16th 46°F 30°F
17th 46°F 30°F
18th 46°F 31°F
19th 47°F 31°F
20th 47°F 31°F
21st 48°F 31°F
22nd 48°F 32°F
23rd 49°F 32°F
24th 49°F 32°F
25th 49°F 33°F
26th 50°F 33°F
27th 50°F 33°F
28th 51°F 34°F
29th 51°F 34°F
30th 51°F 34°F
31st 52°F 35°F

April Ave High Ave Low
1st 52°F 35°F
2nd 53°F 35°F
3rd 53°F 35°F
4th 53°F 36°F
5th 54°F 36°F
6th 54°F 36°F
7th 55°F 37°F
8th 55°F 37°F
9th 55°F 37°F
10th 56°F 38°F
11th 56°F 38°F
12th 57°F 38°F
13th 57°F 38°F
14th 58°F 39°F
15th 58°F 39°F
16th 58°F 39°F
17th 59°F 40°F
18th 59°F 40°F
19th 60°F 40°F
20th 60°F 41°F
21st 60°F 41°F
22nd 61°F 42°F
23rd 61°F 42°F
24th 62°F 42°F
25th 62°F 43°F
26th 62°F 43°F
27th 63°F 43°F
28th 63°F 44°F
29th 63°F 44°F
30th 64°F 44°F
31st NA NA
May Ave High Ave Low
1st 64°F 45°F
2nd 65°F 45°F
3rd 65°F 45°F
4th 65°F 46°F
5th 65°F 46°F
6th 66°F 47°F
7th 66°F 37°F
8th 66°F 47°F
9th 67°F 48°F
10th 68°F 48°F
11th 68°F 48°F
12th 69°F 49°F
13th 69°F 49°F
14th 69°F 49°F
15th 70°F 50°F
16th 70°F 50°F
17th 70°F 50°F
18th 71°F 51°F
19th 71°F 51°F
20th 72°F 51°F
21st 72°F 52°F
22nd 72°F 52°F
23rd 73°F 52°F
24th 73°F 53°F
25th 73°F 53°F
26th 74°F 54°F
27th 74°F 54°F
28th 74°F 54°F
29th 74°F 54°F
30th 75°F 55°F
31st 76°F 55°F
June Ave High Ave Low
1st 76°F 55°F
2nd 76°F 56°F
3rd 77°F 56°F
4th 77°F 56°F
5th 77°F 57°F
6th 78°F 57°F
7th 78°F 57°F
8th 78°F 58°F
9th 79°F 58°F
10th 79°F 58°F
11th 79°F 58°F
12th 79°F 59°F
13th 80°F 59°F
14th 80°F 59°F
15th 80°F 60°F
16th 80°F 60°F
17th 81°F 60°F
18th 81°F 60°F
19th 81°F 61°F
20th 81°F 61°F
21st 81°F 61°F
22nd 82°F 61°F
23rd 82°F 61°F
24th 82°F 62°F
25th 82°F 62°F
26th 82°F 62°F
27th 83°F 62°F
28th 83°F 63°F
29th 83°F 63°F
30th 83°F 63°F
31st NA NA

July Ave High Ave Low
1st 83°F 63°F
2nd 83°F 63°F
3rd 83°F 64°F
4th 83°F 64°F
5th 83°F 64°F
6th 83°F 64°F
7th 83°F 64°F
8th 84°F 64°F
9th 84°F 65°F
10th 84°F 65°F
11th 84°F 65°F
12th 84°F 65°F
13th 84°F 65°F
14th 84°F 65°F
15th 84°F 65°F
16th 84°F 65°F
17th 84°F 65°F
18th 84°F 65°F
19th 84°F 65°F
20th 84°F 65°F
21st 84°F 65°F
22nd 84°F 65°F
23rd 84°F 65°F
24th 84°F 65°F
25th 84°F 65°F
26th 84°F 65°F
27th 84°F 65°F
28th 84°F 65°F
29th 84°F 65°F
30th 83°F 65°F
31st 83°F 65°F
August Ave High Ave Low
1st 83°F 65°F
2nd 83°F 65°F
3rd 83°F 65°F
4th 83°F 65°F
5th 83°F 65°F
6th 83°F 65°F
7th 83°F 65°F
8th 83°F 65°F
9th 83°F 65°F
10th 83°F 64°F
11th 82°F 64°F
12th 82°F 64°F
13th 82°F 64°F
14th 82°F 64°F
15th 82°F 64°F
16th 82°F 64°F
17th 82°F 63°F
18th 81°F 63°F
19th 81°F 63°F
20th 81°F 63°F
21st 81°F 63°F
22nd 81°F 62°F
23rd 81°F 62°F
24th 80°F 62°F
25th 80°F 62°F
26th 80°F 62°F
27th 80°F 61°F
28th 80°F 61°F
29th 79°F 61°F
30th 79°F 61°F
31st 79°F 60°F
September Ave High Ave Low
1st 79°F 60°F
2nd 78°F 60°F
3rd 78°F 59°F
4th 78°F 59°F
5th 78°F 59°F
6th 78°F 59°F
7th 77°F 58°F
8th 77°F 58°F
9th 77°F 58°F
10th 76°F 57°F
11th 76°F 57°F
12th 76°F 57°F
13th 76°F 56°F
14th 75°F 56°F
15th 75°F 56°F
16th 75°F 55°F
17th 74°F 55°F
18th 74°F 54°F
19th 74°F 54°F
20th 74°F 54°F
21st 73°F 53°F
22nd 73°F 53°F
23rd 73°F 53°F
24th 72°F 52°F
25th 72°F 52°F
26th 71°F 51°F
27th 71°F 51°F
28th 71°F 50°F
29th 70°F 50°F
30th 70°F 50°F
31st NA NA

October Ave High Ave Low
1st 70°F 49°F
2nd 69°F 49°F
3rd 69°F 48°F
4th 68°F 48°F
5th 68°F 47°F
6th 68°F 47°F
7th 67°F 46°F
8th 67°F 46°F
9th 66°F 46°F
10th 66°F 45°F
11th 65°F 45°F
12th 65°F 44°F
13th 65°F 44°F
14th 64°F 44°F
15th 64°F 43°F
16th 63°F 43°F
17th 63°F 43°F
18th 62°F 42°F
19th 62°F 42°F
20th 61°F 42°F
21st 61°F 41°F
22nd 60°F 41°F
23rd 60°F 41°F
24th 59°F 40°F
25th 59°F 40°F
26th 58°F 40°F
27th 58°F 39°F
28th 57°F 39°F
29th 57°F 39°F
30th 56°F 38°F
31st 56°F 38°F
November Ave High Ave Low
1st 55°F 38°F
2nd 54°F 37°F
3rd 54°F 37°F
4th 53°F 37°F
5th 53°F 37°F
6th 52°F 36°F
7th 52°F 36°F
8th 51°F 36°F
9th 51°F 35°F
10th 50°F 35°F
11th 50°F 35°F
12th 49°F 34°F
13th 49°F 34°F
14th 48°F 34°F
15th 47°F 33°F
16th 47°F 33°F
17th 47°F 32°F
18th 46°F 32°F
19th 46°F 32°F
20th 45°F 31°F
21st 45°F 31°F
22nd 44°F 30°F
23rd 44°F 30°F
24th 43°F 30°F
25th 43°F 29°F
26th 42°F 29°F
27th 42°F 28°F
28th 41°F 28°F
29th 41°F 28°F
30th 41°F 27°F
31st NA NA
December Ave High Ave Low
1st 40°F 27°F
2nd 40°F 26°F
3rd 39°F 26°F
4th 39°F 25°F
5th 38°F 25°F
6th 38°F 25°F
7th 38°F 24°F
8th 37°F 24°F
9th 37°F 23°F
10th 37°F 23°F
11th 36°F 23°F
12th 36°F 22°F
13th 36°F 22°F
14th 35°F 22°F
15th 35°F 21°F
16th 35°F 21°F
17th 34°F 20°F
18th 34°F 20°F
19th 34°F 20°F
20th 33°F 20°F
21st 33°F 19°F
22nd 33°F 19°F
23rd 32°F 19°F
24th 32°F 18°F
25th 32°F 18°F
26th 32°F 18°F
27th 31°F 17°F
28th 31°F 17°F
29th 31°F 17°F
30th 31°F 17°F
31st 30°F 16°F