Peotone Weather
Illinois Interactive CoCoRaHS map. Hints on map use are at the bottom of the page. CoCoRahs reports generally are at 6-7am and are for the previous 24hrs. So if it rains from 5am untill 8am, some of the rain is recorded on the prior day and the rest is on the present day (tomorrow mornings report).

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There is 1 CoCoRaHS reporting station in Peotone!

CoCoRaHS is the "Community Collaborative Rain Hail & Snow Network".

IL-WL-46 Peotone 0.4 ENE David Sommerfeld

CoCoRaHS reports are used by the National Weather Service. CoCoRaHS volunteers take measurements of the rain and snow every morning between 6-7am, and send the measurement in via computer. They also report when Hail occurs and how large the Hail is.

Rain fall amounts can vary greatly over short distances. Other times it is the same over great distances.
Above is the CoCoRaHS Illinois map zoomed in to Will and Kankakee counties, as well as parts of NW indiana and southern Cook. You can move the map arround, zoom in or out, and go to other states. Precipitation is reported between 6-7am for the prior 24hrs. You can click on a dot to see the actual report and station ID. Zooming in also helps to stop the dots from overlapping each other when stations are near each other. You can even type prior dates into the box and view that days reports.