Peotone Weather
Thank you to the following people, buisnesses, and organizations for supporting

1. Dennis Zumbahlen. Peotone IL.
2. David Fuller. Peotone IL. Eyes on the sky
3. Mark Stauffenberg. Manteno IL.
4. Jamie Turner. Peotone IL.
5. Jim Fox. Peotone IL. (Peotone Quick Lube). (708) 258-0602
6. Dale Armstrong. Peotone IL.
7. Anonymous. Peotone IL.
8. Steven Lonard. Peotone IL.
9. Cliff Mikuce. Peotone IL.
10. Peotone Fire Fighters Assoc. (Individual fire fighters not the Assoc.) Peotone IL.
11. Anonymous. Beecher IL.
12. Mark Sikorski. Peotone IL.
13. Barbara Bialon. Peotone IL.
14. Robert Hennke. Peotone IL.
15. Walter Motyka. Peotone IL.
16. Hupe Hardware Store. Peotone IL. 708 258-3241
17. Sharon Panozzo. Peotone IL.
18. Bret Jerkatis. Beecher IL.
19. James Bednarowicz. Peotone IL.
20. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Powers. Peotone IL.

All of the new equipment has been installed:read below for details and see pics HERE! and HERE!

1. Anonometer (Wind speed and direction) installed and calibrated!

2. Barometer (Barometric pressure) installed and calibrated!

3. Thermohydro sensor (Temp, Humidity, dew point)installed and calibrated!

4. Rain Guage (Rainfall and rain rate) installed and calibrated!

You can view the purchase reciept for the new equipment HERE!
You can view the shipping reciept for sending the old equipment to California to be re-furbished HERE!
You can view the old station re-furbishment and re-calibration reciept HERE!

Thank you for using!