Peotone Weather
Significant Weather Events in Peotone Illinois
Peotone's Significant Weather -----2010-----
December 31st 2010- Rainfall of 1.51 inches. This finishes are 2010 total precipitation. In 2010 we recieved a total precipitation (rain and melted snow) of 42.52 inches. Normal precipitation for the year is 40.22 inches. We finished with a surplus of 2.30 inches.

December 26th 2010- Average snowfall in Peotone for the entire winter is 30.7 inches. So far this winter we already have 15.3 inches. We have already recieved half the winters snow. We normally get 9.0 inches of snow Oct. thru Dec. The snowiest 2 months in Peotone are Jan and Feb of course. On average they yield a total of 16.7 inches with another 5 inches coming in March and April.

December 25th 2010- Snow accumulation of 0.6 inches

December 24th 2010- Snow accumulation of 2.4 inches

December 20th-21st 2010- Snow accumulation of 4.4 inches

December 17th 2010- Snow accumulation of 0.2 inches

December 12th 2010- Snow accumulation of 0.7 inches

December 11th 2010- Today We achieved are average yearly rainfall of 40.22 inches. This includes rain and melted snow. We are at 40.30 inches as of 4pm.

December 9th-10th 2010- Snow accumulation of 2.5 inches.

December 4th 2010- Snow accumulation of 4.3 inches.

December 1st 2010- First measurable Snow accumulation of the 2010-2011 winter season. 0.10 inches.

November 25th 2010- Second Winter weather event of the season. Rain changed to snow with a little sleet mixed in.

November 24th 2010- First Winter weather of the 2010-2011 winter season. About 3 hours of sleet with a few snow flakes mixed in.

October 26th 2010- Tornado! A tornado touches down briefly at aprx. Corning and Will Center rd. Damage is done to several homes and a buisness. At least one of the homes has already been condemned. Winds after the storm are gusting consistantly in the mid 40 mph range.

October 24th 2010- OHHHH!!!! Did we need the rain. We picked up 0.89 inches of rain for the day.

October 23rd 2010- The normal 30 year average rainfall for September and October combined is 6.74inches. As of Noon October 23rd we have only had 3.52 inches of rain. We are 3.22 inches behind. For the year we are still 1.5 inches of rain ahead of the 30 year average for the January thru October period. Though we are ahead for the year we are dry now. If we do not get significant rains soon, you should make sure to water your lawn and evergreens. The water they get now will determine there health next spring.

October 11th 2010- Today was our 104th day at 80F or more.

October 1st 2010- We ended September with 3.06 inches of rain. For the year we are at 35.28 inches. For the year we are slightly ahead on precipitation. Normal yearly precip in Peotone is 40.22 inches.

September 23rd 2010- Today was our 101st day at 80F or more.

September 21st 2010- Today was our 24th day of 90F or more, and our 100th day at 80F or more.

September 18th 2010- Not much to write about in September. After a wet May thru July, August and September have dried out. We have had less then 5 inches of rain since July 31st. We should have had almost 6.5 inches. It is not a drought by any means, just an observation. In fact for the year we are still running 2.5 inches ahead! We are at 98 days at 80F or more, and still at 23 days at 90F or more.

August 31st 2010- Today marked our 23rd day of 90F or more. And the 93rd day of 80F or more.

August 29th 2010- Today marked our 22nd day of 90F or more. And the 91st day of 80F or more.

August 20th 2010- Today marked our 21st day of 90F or more. And the 84th day of 80F or more.

August 19th 2010- Today marked our 20th day of 90F or more.

August 16th 2010- Today marked our 80th day this year with a high temp of 80F or more. 19 of these days were 90F or more.

August 13th 2010- Today marked our 19th day at 90F or more. We reached 92.3F and a Heat Index of 106.8F.

August 12th 2010- Today marked our 18th day at 90F or more. We reached 90.4F and a Heat Index of 104.7F.

August 3rd 2010- Rain! 1.02inches of rain fell in 30 minutes between 5:23am and 5:53am! We had a total rainfall for the day of 1.49 inches.

August 3rd 2010- Lightning!!! Over 185 lightning strikes within 3 miles of Peotone from 4:45am-5:45am! Durring this same time frame there were over 1500 within Will County. The area with the most lightning was the Braidwood, Braceville Gardner areas with over 800 strikes within 8 square miles. Remember you can see lightning up to 50 miles away!

July 31st 2010- It looks like we will finish July with 7.05 inches of rain. The normal July rainfall is 4.15 inches. The normal rain for the year through July 31st is 23.62 inches. We will finish July with 29.69 inches for the year so far. We are running 6.07 inches ahead for the year! ***Just a note June and July are the two wettest months of the year.

July 28th 2010- Still hot!!! 91.8F and 113.8F heat index. 17 days at 90F or more!

July 24th 2010- Just plain hot!!! 115.9F heat index. 16 days at 90F or more!

July 17th 2010- Peotone now has 14 days this year that the temp has hit or gone over 90F

July 15th 2010- HOT!!!!! Heat index peaked at 110.1F

July 11th 2010- Not a lot of rain today (.41in) however lightning caused damage here in town. Between 10pm and 11pm lightning hit the building which is home to Theresa Pizza on Main st. There is damage to the front of the building.

July 8th 2010- For the record July 7th marked our 10th 90F plus day.

July 7th 2010- Today was definitely the warmest day of the year so far. We hit 94.2F which tied the same temp on the 4th of July, and we hit 108.7F on the heat index which breaks the 108.6F set on June 18th. We now have 4 connsecutive days above 90F. 7/4=94F 7/5=91F 7/6=92 7/7=94

July 4th 2010- High temperature of the year was today 94.2F The heat index however only reached a high of 104F, leaving the 108F record for the year still in tact!

June 29th 2010- It appears we will finish the month off with 3 consecutive days with no rain. If that is the case we will finish June with 7.41 inches of rain! The 30 year average for Peotone is 5.12 inches. For the year we are at 22.64 inches, which is 4.17 inches above the 30 year average of 18.47 inches. A look ahead to July... The 30 year average rain fall is 4.15 inches!

June 23rd 2010- The Severe weather sirens went off once again! This was due to the fact that storm coming in from the west had a history of 75mph wind gusts! Anything over 58mph is considered severe! In town we had a maximum wind gust of 35mph! This same storm produced an estimated 70mph gust outside of Beecher and spun up 2 funnel clouds near Beecher as well. When the leading edge of the storm came through Peotone I saw multiple areas of spinning clouds, but nothing that would be considered a funnel cloud yet!!! We recieved 0.71 inches of rain in 20 minutes.

June 18th 2010- Today was a wild day here in Peotone! First we had a new warmest feeling day of the year. The heat index hit 108.6F. Then a line of severe storms came through in the late afternoon. The line of storms dropped 0.58 inches of rain and the winds frequently gusted to 42mph here in town! Then a 2nd line of storms came through in the late evening! Again winds arround 40mph, lightning, and 0.59 inches of rain. The 2 lines produced 1.17 inches. Plus at 5 am this morning we had 0.23 inches of rain. The grand total for the day was 1.40 inches of rain!

June 12th 2010- Today peotone was hit by a severe T-Storm. We recieved 0.91 inches of rain in 15 minutes. We had winds gust to 40mph! We had 125 lightning strikes within 2 miles of town and one of them took out a power line or transformer at Main and 1st street here in town!

June 11th 2010- Today was the warmest feeling day of the year so far. The heat index hit 104.8F this afternoon. The Air temp. was not the warmest of the year- it was only 92.2F.

June 5th 2010- No real significant weather in town however Tornado's touched down to the West and South. Our Sirens went off because the storm that hit us produced a tornado 50 minutes earlier near Ottawa and Coal City. Then a different Tornado caused damage in St. Anne to our South.

May 31st 2010- Memorial Day!!! Peotone had 1.14 inches of rain in the early afternoon. A total of 1.94 inches From 10pm May 30th until 3pm May 31st(17 hours). We finished May with 6.85 inches, 2.17 inches ahead for the month. For the year we are 0.89 inches ahead!

May 30th 2010- New Warmest temp. of the year so far. We hit 93.3F, however the heat index of 96.2F was not a yearly high.

May 24th 2010- New Warmest day of the year so far. We hit 92.6F with a heat index of 102.4F

May 23rd 2010- Warmest day of the year so far. We hit 90.7F with a heat index of 100.6F

May 21st 2010- Official 30 year average rainfall for May in Peotone is 4.68 inches. We achieved that at 3:30pm today. For the year we are 1.29 inches behind ave.

May 09th 2010- We had spotty Frost arround 5am. Hope you covered your annuals!

May 07th 2010- Peotone had 2 rounds of hail. 1/4 inch hail @ 04:30am then 3/4 to 1 inch hail @ 05:00am.